We are very proud to start operating today under our new trademark, KARETIS.

We have chosen this name as a reference to what the Ancient Greeks called Aretí (ἀρετή), the virtue combining excellence, dexterity, strength and courage.

That is exactly what we are striving to continuously integrate in what we do for building a better future, together with our clients, team members and business partners so that each can live up to one’s full potential.

Our mission: helping our clients make the most of their resources, products and services to achieve results today and success tomorrow. Through outstanding advisory support and innovative solutions.

We are a team of scientists, engineers and business experts, all having worked in leading international consulting practices and sharing a common set of convictions about what our clients really deserve and what we will fight hard to deliver by all means:

  • Proximity: we work closely with our client, in a partnership mode, through good and bad times
  • Reactivity: we can jump in whenever you think we can add value. We are moving rapidly towards new technologies, new ideas, new projects
  • Integrity: we are not pushing preconceived ideas or tools, we build our convictions through careful analyses and research and then, we do our best to share these convictions
  • Quality: we do not accept approximations, our job is not to produce ideas that “look” good and smart, but to deliver impacts that “make” sense and help organizations grow and excel
  • Respect: there is no big or small project for us. There is you, your organization, and your issue: whatever it is, we will propose what we think will maximize the chance to solve it, please you and make your organization stronger

We are not juniors, we are not old and grey neither. We have already seen dozens of challenging situations, solved many unstructured issues, developed a myriad of complex models, crunched terabytes of data, and we are learning every day, from everything we do and from everyone we meet.

Last but not least, we have chosen to start our name with K, and it is our logo too – a sign of openness to the future, the King in chess notation… and back to the Ancient Times, the symbol for open hand in the Phoenician alphabet.

Strategy. Innovation. Results. We are ready to serve, ready to deep dive into your business issues and help you move forward, with the best of what we can offer.

Explore our case studies, read our posts, feel free to contact us anytime and anywhere!

We will be happy to meet you and see how we can help.