Call plan optimization

Kallplan: Optimize your call plan to increase valuable customer interactions and drive sales.

Use state-of-the-art optimization techniques to get the best effort allocation by customer and by rep under resource constraints

  • Kallplan is a joint project between Karetis and the experts of EuroDecision, a leading company in business analytics and quantitative marketing
  • Provide your field force with a plan “mathematically” as close as possible to the optimum. Ready for review and field finalization!
  • A plan that meets your objectives while best allocating the capacity available, preserving customer relationships and ensuring maximal feasibility


Our clients use Kallplan for optimizing interaction planning for a large number of customers and multiple teams or interaction channels while integrating a variety of objectives and constraints

  • Frequency objectives by customer and by product
  • Capacity by channel, by rep, by territory…
  • Accessibility constraints

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