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Investment decisions should be supported by premium analysis.
Can you accurately value market opportunities?

Strategic planning

In a fast evolving environment, are you sure that your strategic planning and forecasting processes are still efficient?

Go To Market approach

The adoption curve in the first months of launch often reflects the long term success.
Your value proposition is good but what about your Go-to-Market?

Differentiation Drivers

Smart solutions differentiate themselves to gain adoption.
What makes you unique to your customers?


Discover relevant, actionable and unrealized reality about your market as the result of deep data analysis. True insights are essential, no?


Innovation Design

Innovation design requires a consistent methodology to translate good ideas into successful products/services. How do you proceed in your organization?

Business Model Innovation

Assessing, testing, piloting the best business model for your innovation is key to make it a sucess or a failure. Do you need help for this?

Innovation Partnership

In a more interconnected world than ever lone wolves successes are limited. We can  bring our expertise and external vision to partner you or or to identify the right partner profile for you.

Digital and Data transformation

Where do you stand in your digital and data transformation in your market segment. Do you want to fill the gap, to keep your advantage?

Your markets are changing rapidly, what works today may not work tomorrow.

The major pitfall is to disconnect strategy and innovation from the market needs or your own capabilities to implement them.

Holistic and collaborative

We combine internal and external perspectives to pinpoint market opportunities and assess your options. We ensure findings and ideas are discussed with the people who will implement them to collaboratively ensure alignment.

A pragmatic approach

Beyond fancy words, as doers and operational pragmatists, we always keep the implementation in mind. We set-up the key project milestones and like to be there to celebrate the successes with you.

Relying on analytics

What our clients value the most is our ability to use analyses to transform intuitions and data into decisions. We develop our own suite of analytical tools to help you make the best decisions based on data insights, optimization models and scenario simulations.

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  • How our market will be in 5 years? Which segments could be disrupted?
  • Should we go after this market opportunity? What value can we expect from it?
  • What should be our differentiation strategy?
  • What is the right business model for this solution?
  • How to collect additional customer insights, prioritize and translate into new services?
  • Where do we stand in our digital and data transformation?  Market benchmarks?