We support our clients to design and implement change in their structure, governance and data management.

What we can do for you:


Organization design

Designing the right organization is critical and a science: structure, roles, capabilities, enablers… Do you need an assessment?

Governance and planning

No change can be implemented without the appropriate roadmap.
Are your planning processes up to the task?

Multi-channel allocation

Optimally allocating resources between an increasing number of channels requires in-depth analysis. Are you making the most of it?

Competency models

Competency models yield fair HR decisions. Are you assessing your collaborators’ competencies objectively and on the right metrics?

Data management

Data management strategy

There’s little to gain from having your data live in silos. A sound data management strategy can help you unlock opportunities from your data. Is it the case in your organization?

Analytics and dashboards

Analyzing and measuring what is truly happening is the cornerstone of effective management. Do you speak in one voice in your organization ?

Digital data

Do you explore all insights of your digital ecosystem? How do you transform data into insights?

Big data, AI, machine learning

Big data, AI, machine learning you hear a lot about this? Where is it relevant for your organization, where it’s not?

Market evolution implies constant organization adjustments. The organization should be agile enough, foster collaboration and delegation, while keeping focus and decision-making.

Improving the organizational data strategy is another growing challenge too often disconnected from the organization design. 

People in mind

Organizational changes directly impact the lives of your collaborators and can be very disruptive.

We are always mindful of your organization history and culture before making any recommendation.


Using the most solid analysis is an ethical duty toward people affected by decisions. We carefully analyze data together with benchmarks and cross internal and external perspectives to help you shape the organization you need.


An organization is only really effective with the right information flows. We bring recommendations on your data structure and analytics and develop on demand tailored solutions that fill gaps or nicely complement your own solutions.


Technologies can be of great help when making your organization evolve, during both preparation phase and implementation. We have our own tools to support competency assessments, territory alignments, or people placement, 

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  • How should our organizations integrate during our merger?
  • What are the new roles required to interact efficiently with our environment?
  • How do we best allocate resources across channels?
  • What is the optimal size of our customer-facing team? How to assign properly customers and geographies?
  • How can we break silos across departments? How to design collaborative solutions and dashboards to align everyone?
  • How to collect and leverage better our data? Which structure and capabilities should we build?