We help our clients with the detailed operational elements necessary for day-to-day excellence to engage their customers.

What we can do for you:

Customer engagement

Engagement strategy

Do you offer your customers the experience that leads them to interact and involve themselves, up to the point of becoming advocates?

Customer segmentation

Profiling and targeting your prospects and customers ensure no effort is wasted on poor leads. Have you identified the most relevant segments?

Journey modelling

Did you take a walk in the shoes of your customers? What are their real experiences? We will help you to identify the journey maps by key segments.

Insights collection

Customer centric marketers use all kinds of tools to get a better understanding of their customers. Do you know all the techniques?

Value story generation

Narratives. We can’t escape them. We help you construct a narrative that resonates deeply with your customers and prospects readership.

Sales & Marketing excellence

Omnichannel Selling Cycle

Each cycle, there is so much to do in so little time. How can you plan activities to best manage priorities and resources across the selling cycle?

Sales & Mgmt upskilling

Continuous learning is vital to keep your people from getting complacent. Do your sales teams and managers need updated selling skills?

Marketing coaching

The marketing function is being disrupted. Do your marketing teams need updated skills in brand, trade, customer, digital or data-driven marketing?

Sales & Mktg Analytics

Seeing and measuring what is truly happening is the cornerstone of effective management. Do your dashboards measure the right metrics?

Incentive compensation

Motivating teams is an art. Is your compensation plan fair and effective? How do you align your teams and motivate them on common goals?

 Insights into customer behavior are key to understand customers’ actions in an increasingly interpenetrated market. Defining the stakeholders you need to engage and how is key. Your customers deserve the best. The same goes for your teams. Analytics, tools or processes should be enablers, not barriers.

Implementation focus

Great strategies and organizations don’t mean much without customer excellence. Our recommendations are operational by design. We’ll help you pilot or roll out new concepts and even monitor implementation over the long term.

Quantitative & qualitative

Excellence starts with metrics and KPIs but it’s people buy-in and customer perception that make the difference. After our analytical homework, we go out in the field to gather perspectives from your team and customers.

Relying on practical tools

Soon will come the time for implementation. You will need tools that you can use on a day-to-day basis or that you can cascade down to the field… such practical tools can transform nightmares into cake walks. Let us develop them for/with you!

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  • How do we optimize the call plan of our customer-facing teams?
  • What is the impact of our marketing operations? Which changes to operate on our marketing mix?
  • How do we implement efficient omni-channel campaigns?
  • How do we train and incentivize our teams?
  • How should we develop a customer engagement strategy? How do we measure engagement and ROI?
  • How should we profile and target our customers? How do we define  journey maps on my segments?
  • How to train our marketing team to deliver programs engaging customers?