Cloud based field solutions

Kloudcel: Combine the power of the cloud with the ease of Excel spreadsheets.

The variety of operational usages is infinite: the cloud is the limit!

Enhance Excel with our cloud-based technology and equip your teams to make your most sensitive processes run lean and fast.

  • Kloudcel is a Microsoft Excel-based technology developed by Karetis that allows data synchronization and real time collaboration using Excel workbooks
  • Contrary to typical cloud-based solutions using Excel, each user can have a specific file with shared, overlapping data
  • All Excel / VBA functionalities are available
  • Kloudcel works in connected as well as offline environments
  • It provides a cost efficient alternative when « traditional » CRM is too expensive, too long to implement, too rigid, etc.

Our clients use Kloudcel for a large variety of applications:

  • Field profiling and data collection
  • Collaborative review process
  • « Light » CRM tool, customized in just a few days
  • Competency assessment
  • Call activity reports
  • Budget and project completion tracking

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