Our Point of View

A strategy is only as good as its execution

Organizations must translate strategic vision into effective operational results in increasingly complex and volatile ecosystems.

To meet these challenges, KARETIS relies on a combination of business expertise, data science and digital solutions to help you define and operationalize your strategy – and ensure that the impact is real and lasting.

Our mission

Supporting you all the way through the value chain

We work with you from start to finish to turn your ideas and opportunities into action with tangible, measurable results.

KARETIS provides you with 360-degree support across your entire value chain, from understanding your ecosystem to defining your strategy and developing operational efficiency tools.

Enabling you to fully execute your strategy

The success of your strategy depends on your ability to assess and execute as well as your ability to engage and empower your teams with the skills they need.

  • Your strategic vision needs to take into account weak signals in increasingly complex and dynamic ecosystems
  • Agility and continuous dialog between strategy and execution are essential to adapt to changing contexts and customer expectations.
  • A culture of change and continuous improvement must be established, particularly through tools that facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing.

We are doers with a mission: to help you close the gap between strategy and execution and to turn your vision into sustainable results by

  • minimizing waste throughout the value chain
  • maximizing efficiency and opportunity creation

Combining business, data and tech profiles and expertise to solve your challenges


  1. Mastering the 3-in-1 of consulting excellence, data science and technology is key to providing effective support along the strategy to execution continuum
  2. We are accustomed and trained to work across this continuum, beyond any silo – whether we are consultants, data scientists, or tech developers
  3. Dedicated centres of expertise and competence enable us to guarantee the excellence of our support and to position ourselves as a long-term partner
Business Expertise
We combine our industry expertise with our business skills to address the specific challenges of your ecosystem
Analytics Expertise
Our business analysts and data scientists transform your data into insights and develop the decision support models you need
Tech Solutions
Our developers bring to life the tools and functionality that enable you to make informed decisions and be more agile in your execution

Our approach

A multidimensional and sustainable approach

Because silos are a source of inefficiency, both in teams and in data, we help you create a virtuous circle :

  • Our mission: identify the disruptions in your value chain and maximize the impact of your actions
  • Our method: leverage the key levers at each stage of your projects thanks to our multidisciplinary team
  • Our goal: bridge the gap between strategy and execution to help you achieve measurable and lasting results

What our customers say

Thanks to KARETIS, we were able to renew our customer approach (segmentation, targeting, prioritization of levers) in just a few weeks. A true team of experts who were able to cross-reference the vast amount of data we had and provide us with strong analytical capabilities and well-adapted tools, that were quickly adopted by both management and the field.

Customer Strategy Director, Biotech

With the help of KARETIS' methodology and analytical capabilities, we have re-evaluated all our commercial contracts to identify areas for improvement in our strategy and engagement model.

Director of Commercial Policy, Agri-food

Tailored solutions to meet the challenges you face

KABESTAN, our digital collaborative platform

A platform to understand and map your ecosystem and its challenges, identify and analyze the levers that drive performance, and facilitate collaboration across your teams

KARTAGEO, the power of cartography to support your operations

A tool to visualize data about your geographic environment, simplify your segmentation processes and optimize your field operations

Value creation at every stage of your projects

Our multi-disciplinary team is dedicated to meeting your challenges through our three business lines: Advisory (Consulting and Support), Solutions (Tech and Data), and People (Training and Coaching)
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