What we do

We add value at every stage of your projects

We tailor our support to where you need it most through our areas of expertise and multidisciplinary teams.

  1. Advisory – Consulting & Support
  2. Solutions – Tech & Data
  3. People – Training & Coaching


Our approach

A 360-degree holistic approach to address your challenges


  • What is your business environment like?
  • What are your leverage points?
  • Where are your opportunities?
  • What are your risks?
  • What are your strategic options?


  • Which organizational structure is best for your business environment?
  • Which new roles and skills are needed?
  • What processes have to be reengineered?
  • How to best implement change management?

Operational excellence

  • How to generate customer insights?
  • How to segment your customers?
  • What engagement plan works best?
  • How to optimize the sales cycle?
  • What skills do you need to develop?

Business support

  • How do you deal with long term absences and staff shortages?
  • How do you efficiently manage seasonal peaks?
  • Do you lack resources or expertise (or both) and need occasional support?

ADVISORY - Consulting & Support

A full range of consulting services to help you meet your challenges

We work closely with you to identify your specific needs and challenges and develop customized solutions to address them, from strategy to execution.

  • Strategy: go-to-market approach, renewed value proposition, new products/services, …
  • Organization: adaptating to the challenges of your business environment, organization and deployment of teams, creation of new roles, …
  • Data management: optimal use of your data, development of dashboards, integration of AI in your processes, …
  • Customer engagement: improvement of multi-channel planning processes, management of engagement initiatives, …
  • Operational excellence : analytical support, development of new tools, skills development/coaching, …

Solutions - Tech & Data

  • Solutions Lab

Our Solutions Lab to bring your strategy to life

We harness the power of digital technologies, data and AI to develop tools and solutions that meet your needs.

  • Customized solutions : sales strategy simulators, forecasting and call planning models, advanced management dashboards, predictive decision support solutions, …
  • Proprietary digital and collaborative solutions to take you to the next level in managing the efficiency of your corporate and field operations, defining and monitoring your plans, managing projects, supporting reorganizations, and generally making the most of the data available both internally and externally



The digital collaboration platform that drives customer excellence

  • Aggregate key information and modules to improve customer performance
  • Manage and track all of your plans from a single, easy-to-use cockpit
  • Add value to your data with an interoperable platform that complements your existing CRM or BI tools
  • Provide your teams with a tool that is more agile, more collaborative, and more customer-centric

The platform for segmentation, territory management, and geographic visualization

  • Easily load, use and view data, manage environments and scenarios
  • Clear, visual communication with a wide range of reporting capabilities and options
  • Customizable module for calculating performance and impact metrics
  • Easy to use, turnkey web-based platform

People - Training & Coaching

A training framework to develop the skills of your teams

  • A customizable training catalog to provide your teams with the best of our knowledge and skills
  • Coaching formats for both executive and operational teams (in-person, remote)

Our expertise in action


Following changes in the product portfolio and environment, the management of a pharmaceutical company wanted to rethink its approach to customer engagement and evaluate several go-to-market scenarios with quantification and full operational evaluation.

Pre-launch assessment

In view of the launch of a new product, a player in the consumer healthcare sector was looking for an external, expert view on its launch plan: what resources are needed, what leverage points should be prioritized, what are the sales forecasts, budget and timeline, etc.

Territorial strategy

The French healthcare system has undergone significant changes in recent years (development of coordinated practice groups, new professions/financing methods, digital transformation and e-health, etc.). A pharmaceutical laboratory wanted to understand the territorial ecosystem, the specificities of the players and the regions, and how best to integrate these changes into its strategy.

Headquarters organization

As part of a growth plan, the general management of a pharmaceutical company wanted to reorganize its headquarters teams (all functions), its structure into business units, and its governance through a precise analysis of growing activities and new activities to be taken on in light of future changes in the business environment.

Commercial excellence

The general management of a leading medical equipment company (hospitals, nursing homes, home care) wanted to strengthen its commercial excellence at the head office (global) and in its subsidiaries: understand the current situation, develop a book of best practices and a standard of processes and templates to be followed.

Engagement plan / Action plan

A pharmaceutical company wanted to review its operational planning process: regional/sector action plan, collaborations (sales, medical, market access) and its interaction and engagement plan with healthcare providers and professionals. It engaged Karetis for the entire project: from scoping to coaching, including the development of the tool.

Commercial policy

The general management of a leading HoReCa service company  (Hotel Restaurant Catering)  wanted to review its commercial policy: discount network, trade marketing, counterparts, service offers, with independent retailers and key accounts.

Provision of resources

Depending on the expertise required and the workload to be covered:

Provision of one or more employees (from junior business analysts to Karetis partners) for a period of time ranging from a few days to several months (typically 20% to 80% of the time).

An idea? A project? A challenge?

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