KARTAGEO, the power of mapping to support your operations

At KARETIS, we develop solutions based on our understanding of your needs to provide you with the best user experience. KARTAGEO is the result of this commitment! This web-based platform will allow you to

  • Visualize data about your geographic environment
  • Simplify and support your segmentation processes
  • Optimize your field operations as close to your customers as possible

A single platform to meet your needs

Customize geospatial views

  • Easily add points or polygon to your maps
  • Configure different views and overlays of your information layers
  • Export a report and share it with your teams with the click of a button

Prepare segmentation scenarios

  • Create your field teams with one click
  • Test multiple segmentation scenarios
  • Make changes to sector metrics and view the changes live

Manage and analyze employee assignments

  • Fully manage reorganization processes and employee or partner assignments
  • Display employees’ home locations
  • View a summary of the social impact metrics for each of your employees

A good map is better than 1 000 paintings !

Import data easily and efficiently. Whether it’s open data (supplied by us) or your own data, our system is designed to make it easy to integrate.

Easily create visualizations on a map. KARTAGEO is flexible and dynamic. It allows you to customize and create multiple visualizations of your data with a simple and elegant design.

Optimize segmentation management intuitively and accurately. KARTAGEO makes it easy to create, customize and compare multiple scenarios and teams.

Perform a variety of analyses, such as calculating employee travel times. Evaluate the impact of your assignments across all of the teams in your field organization.

Generate detailed reports based on your findings. These reports can then be easily exported. Gone are the days of spending hours creating static PowerPoint presentations. Edit, export and start again with KARTAGEO!

An idea? A project? A challenge?

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to discuss your needs or to request a demo of our collaboration platforms!