Karetis Institute

Knowledge and skills development to empower your teams

KARETIS is a Datadock accredited and Qualiopi certified training organization.

  • We help you discover, understand, and develop concepts and methodologies to enhance your operational capabilities.
  • Our training solutions are designed and developed in partnership with our clients. Your training will be tailored to your needs, based on an analysis of your context, objectives and expectations.

Our team of business, data, digital, and training experts deliver custom training courses for your organization

Our training programs are developed in partnership with our customers. Together, we diagnose your needs and tailor the courses we offer (content, learning methods, practical applications, specific skills, etc.). In this way, your training is customized based on an analysis of your context, your goals, and your expectations.

Interactive training sessions led by recognized experts in their respective fields

Our training courses are delivered by our qualified trainers who are experts in their fields. They use an interactive teaching approach to empower your teams with the skills and knowledge they need to meet today’s and tomorrow’s business challenges.

Whether in-person or remote, our trainers share their expertise with methodological frameworks and help you apply them to real-world situations.

Training Catalog

We deliver training courses in 3 main areas of expertise

Modelling and data science

We help you develop your skills in data analysis and data science, from the basics to more advanced machine learning technologies.

Customer engagement and operational excellence

We can help you understand how to implement operational excellence strategies and improve customer engagement and experience.

Business environment

We bring you our expertise in the understanding and analysis of the players, issues and trends in your business environment, especially in the areas of health care, consumer goods and the environment.

Do you have training or coaching needs? Let's talk about it!

KARETIS offers you personalized support, with fully customized training courses designed with your teams, or modules that allow you to create your own “à la carte” training plan.

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KARETIS obtained QUALIOPI certification in 2022

Qualiopi certification is an assurance that the training courses offered are in compliance with specific quality criteria:

  • Conditions for public information
  • Precise identification of the objectives and the adaptation to the target group
  • Procedures for reception, support, follow-up, and evaluation
  • Resources for teaching, technology, and supervision
  • Trainer qualification and competence development
  • Involvement in the professional community
  • Handling of feedback and complaints