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KABESTAN, a collaborative, flexible and customizable digital platform

At KARETIS, we believe that no matter what industry you are in, coordinating the actions of your teams is key to the success of your organization. That’s why we developed KABESTAN®, the digital analysis and operations planning platform that allows you to:

  • Understand and map your business environment and challenges
  • Identify and analyze leverage points for performance and optimization
  • Facilitate team collaboration and coordination of action

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KABESTAN enables you and your teams to work in a more collaborative and agile way


Share high-value insights about your customer accounts and the industries in which you operate


Identify leverage points for action and performance by analyzing data across your organization

Coordinate and plan

Transform your understanding of issues and needs into concrete initiatives by breaking down silos and facilitating collaboration.

A unified and modular platform

KABESTAN helps you mobilize the key internal and external resources needed to successfully implement your strategy.

With KABESTAN, the company’s customer teams can coordinate around a common set of plans by digitizing communications and tasks and capturing value-added information useful for decision making.

  • KABESTAN is a fully customizable web platform that is designed to provide an effective link between the strategic goals and objectives and the implementation of operational tactics.
  • KABESTAN helps you to stay on track with shared priorities, so that your teams are more engaged. And the platform is also a powerful business transformation support tool!

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