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A team with complementary skills and experience to help you achieve your goal

We leverage the best of business expertise, technology tools, and data analytics to provide you with the best possible solution to the challenges you face.

Karetis [karɛtɪs]

Name : from the ancient Greek ἀρετή, a concept representing excellence combining dexterity, strength and courage. We work with our customers every day to live up to this claim.

KARETIS was born from the conviction that in today’s increasingly complex business environment, bringing together diverse perspectives and talents is essential to understanding and addressing the challenges organizations face.

Our mission
Our approach
Our passion

Leverage the knowledge, resources, and data in your business environment to guide you today and work with you to invent the model that will be the foundation of your growth tomorrow

Continually innovate and deliver solutions that combine the power of data analytics with the power of collective intelligence and collaborative web platforms.

Continuously innovate and offer you solutions that combine the performance of data analysis with the power of collective intelligence and collaborative web platforms

Our industries

Our core industry expertise: One Health, health in all of its dimensions

  • KARETIS has historically developed in the healthcare sector, serving the various stakeholders in the industry: pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, generic drug companies, and other players in the ecosystem.
  • Today, we cover the entire health and wellness industry in all its dimensions: animal health, cosmetics, environment, nutrition, agri-food, industrial chemicals, etc.

KARETIS is first and foremost a group of personalities committed to shared convictions

Julien Sportisse
Managing Partner
Julien launched the Karetis project in 2014 and was quickly joined by other partners who shared the same vision of "augmented consulting", combining consulting, data and technology. With more than 20 years of experience in strategy and implementation consulting in France and the United States, he has led numerous strategic and operational assignments for various healthcare stakeholders: development of new roles or services, customer engagement models, patient pathways, deployment of sales forces or reorganization of headquarters functions (medical, public affairs, market access, data & innovation labs...). His passion: combining business acumen, resources and data analysis to help you make decisions that deliver tangible results.
Emmanuel Dimiccoli
Emmanuel joined Karetis at the very beginning of the project after 8 years of consulting with ZS Associates. He has worked with pharmaceutical companies of all sizes in Europe and the US, from biotech to generics, to address their needs in sales strategy, organizational design and deployment, sales forecasting and sales force effectiveness. Emmanuel has extensive experience in data management and visualization, analytics suites and support tool design. Nothing gives him greater pleasure than making an immediate and lasting impact on his clients.
Romain Racault
Senior Manager
Romain has more than 15 years of experience in healthcare strategy, marketing and sales. He spent the first 4 years as a strategy consultant at ZS Associates, leading projects for subsidiaries and headquarters in France and Europe. He joined Novartis in 2010, where he held various leadership positions such as Head of Strategic Planning or Head of Business Development, and achieved several commercial successes as Frontline Sales Manager, Marketing Manager or Unit Manager for primary care and hospital product launches and growth. Romain is passionate about innovation and transformation in healthcare and strives to move strategic and operational boundaries.
Nicolas Cordier
Managing Partner
Nicolas started his career as a strategy consultant for 6 years in Paris and London. He joined Sanofi in 2006, where he held various management positions in Business Excellence and then in Commercial Operations, notably as Director of Sales and Marketing for the Consumer Healthcare and Generics Division. In 2013, he joined Merial, the animal health division, to lead strategic projects and business excellence for the EMEA region and was appointed Sales Director Pet Healthcare EMEA in 2015. Passionate about the opportunities offered by the digital and data revolution, and aware of the industry's need for transformation, he joined Karetis as a Partner in 2018. He now puts his dual expertise in consulting and industry to work for his clients.
Céline Barbier
Céline joined Karetis after starting her career as a consultant for technology and media companies, before moving into healthcare market research in the US. Passionate about the digital transformation of the healthcare industry, she is a member of several think tanks dedicated to innovation in the sector and a regular contributor to digital health initiatives (labs, hackathons, etc.). At Karetis, she works on developing new innovation models, supporting digital and data transformations, and customer and patient experience. She is the author of the study "Beyond the pill strategies for pharmaceutical companies: service marketing or a new business model?" (Les Echos, 2017) and the study "Digital therapies: towards a new category of healthcare products"(Les Echos, 2020).

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