Turn your business strategy into successful execution

KARETIS uniquely combines expertise, technology and data science to help organizations define and implement their strategy.

Our Point of View

We help leaders and organizations bridge the 'strategy execution gap'

There is often a gap between ideas and their impact in real life. KARETIS provides you with the expertise and the tools that you need to define your actions and quickly adapt to the changes that may occur in your ecosystem.

Our Solutions

Achieve operational excellence with our solutions

  • KARETIS 360°
  • Advisory
  • Solutions
  • People

360° support to help you meet the challenges you face

To help you turn your ideas into operational success, we offer a range of complementary services and solutions:

  • Advisory: Consulting & Support
  • Solutions: Tech & Data
  • People: Training & Coaching


Consulting & Support

We are here to support you from the definition of your strategy through to the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of your strategy :

  • Situational analysis, identification of strategic levers
  • Opportunity assessment and scenario building
  • Operational Excellence and Customer Experience
  • Expert & Professional Resourcing

Tech & Data Solutions

We develop solutions that best meet your operational needs :

  • Situation Analysis and Operational Planning
  • Simulation, decision support and AI tools, algorithms and ad hoc tool development
  • Unleashing the full power of your data, enriching your dashboards and leveraging open data

From our consulting DNA, we’ve extracted modular digital platforms to operationalize your strategy:

  • KABESTAN®, the collaborative platform to drive customer excellence
  • KARTAGEO®, the platform for the mapping, planning and management of sales territories

Training & Coaching

We can help you develop your team’s skills through personalised training and coaching programmes:

  • Analytical and technical expertise, data and AI
  • Commercial Excellence
  • Business expertise and ecosystem knowledge
  • Business Processes

About us

A new generation of tech and consulting teams

KARETIS was born from the conviction that multidisciplinarity, excellence and a passion for collaborative innovation are at the heart of an organization’s growth.

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