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Nicolas Cordier rejoint Karetis

Communiqué : Karetis annonce l’arrivée de Nicolas Cordier en tant que nouvel associé. Paris, le 15/11/2018 Karetis, la société de Conseil en Management, Innovation et Data Science dédiée aux acteurs de la santé, accélère son développement avec l’arrivée de Nicolas Cordier en tant qu’associé. Nicolas Cordier dirigera dès à présent le bureau de Lyon, que Karetis vient d’ouvrir après Paris et Singapour. Nicolas Cordier travaille depuis 18 ans dans l’industrie de la santé. Après avoir démarré sa carrière en 2000 comme [...]

novembre 15th, 2018|Categories: Actualités générales, Toutes actualités|

Optimize your sales and marketing efforts with robots

How walking through the “Random Forest” helps you select the right business opportunities, optimize your costs and reach higher performance. At Karetis, we are “entropy reducers”. We take messy, complicated situations and work to simplify as well as clarify them - to help our clients make decisions. To achieve that, analytics, business acumen and experience will often do the trick. But some situations are too complex for human intelligence alone. We very recently helped a large pharmaceutical company in China. [...]

juillet 11th, 2018|Categories: Stratégie & innovation, Toutes actualités|

Technology Kallplan

Call plan optimization Kallplan: Optimize your call plan to increase valuable customer interactions and drive sales. Use state-of-the-art optimization techniques to get the best effort allocation by customer and by rep under resource constraints Kallplan is a joint project between Karetis and the experts of EuroDecision, a leading company in business analytics and quantitative marketing Provide your field force with a plan "mathematically" as close as possible to the optimum. Ready for review and [...]

février 11th, 2018|Categories: Technologie, Toutes actualités|

Promotion as a service in pharma

They look like sales people, they travel like sales people, but they are not really sales people. They think like marketing people, they act like marketing people, but they are not really marketing people. They are in the field, they interact daily with healthcare professionals (so far, nothing revolutionary…). So why are they different?

février 4th, 2018|Categories: Actualités générales, Organisation & gouvernance, Toutes actualités|

Technology Kloudcell

Cloud based field solutions Kloudcel: Combine the power of the cloud with the ease of Excel spreadsheets. The variety of operational usages is infinite: the cloud is the limit! Enhance Excel with our cloud-based technology and equip your teams to make your most sensitive processes run lean and fast. Kloudcel is a Microsoft Excel-based technology developed by Karetis that allows data synchronization and real time collaboration using Excel workbooks Contrary to typical cloud-based solutions using Excel, each user can [...]

septembre 14th, 2017|Categories: Technologie, Toutes actualités|