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Ouverture d’un bureau Karetis à Lyon

Communiqué: Karetis poursuit son développement et annonce l’ouverture d’un bureau à Lyon Paris, le 16/11/2018 Karetis, la société de Conseil [...]

novembre 16th, 2018|Actualités générales, Toutes actualités|

Nicolas Cordier rejoint Karetis

Communiqué : Karetis annonce l’arrivée de Nicolas Cordier en tant que nouvel associé. Paris, le 15/11/2018 Karetis, la société de [...]

novembre 15th, 2018|Actualités générales, Toutes actualités|

Optimize your sales and marketing efforts with robots

How walking through the “Random Forest” helps you select the right business opportunities, optimize your costs and reach higher performance. [...]

juillet 11th, 2018|Stratégie & innovation, Toutes actualités|

Technology Kallplan

Call plan optimization Kallplan: Optimize your call plan to increase valuable customer interactions and drive sales. Use [...]

février 11th, 2018|Technologie, Toutes actualités|

Promotion as a service in pharma

They look like sales people, they travel like sales people, but they are not really sales people. They think like marketing people, they act like marketing people, but they are not really marketing people. They are in the field, they interact daily with healthcare professionals (so far, nothing revolutionary…). So why are they different?

Technology Kloudcell

Cloud based field solutions Kloudcel: Combine the power of the cloud with the ease of Excel [...]

septembre 14th, 2017|Technologie, Toutes actualités|

Technology Kmap

Geographic visualization and territory design Kmap/Stratageo: Visualize your business like never before. Create maps in minutes to display [...]

mai 1st, 2017|Technologie, Toutes actualités|

Introducing Karetis

We are very proud to start operating today under our new trademark, KARETIS. We have chosen this name as a reference [...]

décembre 11th, 2016|Actualités générales, Toutes actualités|